About Cucino io

Cucino io's (literally I Cook) philosophy is to offer a culinary cultural experience, deeply interconnected with the history and territory of Italy.

We believe that to do so, we must also recreate

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the authentic atmosphere still present at dinner tables across Italy. Imagine your table surrounded by family and friends, sharing great food, fresh bread and delicious wine!

It is this combination that makes the ‘Cucino io’ experience so tasty and genuine.

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One Season One Menu

We believe in Mother Earth and in her seasons, that is why our menu will follow only the season's best produce. Every dish is freshly made and cooked at your home, served straight from the pot and cooked to perfection "al dente".

italiaanse - kok - huis - catering - Netherlands

Just like Italian tradition, we use  preserved and pickled veg that have been carefully picked and prepared during the summer months, to get your taste buds going. 

italiaanse - kok - huis - catering - Netherlands

Fresh and Local

italiaanse - kok - huis - catering - Netherlands

We try to shop as local as possible, always searching for the best quality ingredients. Raw materials such as the flour we use for our home made pasta comes from the local Molen de Vijlt. 

Charcuteries, cheese, extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars come directly from our trusted producers  suppliers back in Italy.

Authentic Recipes

From our grandma to your table, our recipes are 100% authentic! The sequence is simple: antipasto, primo, secondo, contorno and dessert but the combination of each course will

be  an explosion of aroma and flavours!

The noisy whistle of a real Moka will announce that the coffee is ready and it will guide you toward the end of this unique culinary experience.

Nice to meet you


I am a professional Video Maker with a passion for food and cooking!  No worries: I will not film you while you're eating, but I can promise that I will amaze you with my desserts.

Since a was a child I smelled amazing food aromas, thanks to my Nonna and my Mamma, who always cooked for the family. With their traditional recipes, they taught me the importance of a healthy  cuisine, and how to cook stunning dishes following what the seasons give us.


Today I still keep this passion alive, by cooking everyday following with my personal recipe book!


I am a professional chef with many years of experience. I love to cook and experiment with ingredients.

I grew up in a small town in the north of Italy, where my Nonna was the Queen of the kitchen. When I moved to Florence for university, my Nonna would send me monthly food packages of lasagna and her famous gnocchi! I learnt from the best, and it is thanks to her that I have a passion for cooking (and eating!).

Today I keep this passion alive by teaching my kids how to make fresh gnocchi and real Italian pizza dough.

Last year I graduated from WUR, with a MsC in Food Safety Management.

italiaanse - kok - huis - catering - Netherlands
“We believe in Mother Earth and in her seasons, that is why our menu will follow only the 
season's best produce"

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