Marmellata di Albicocca - Home made Apricot Jam

This is the first of eight recipes that Cucino io is going to post linked to The 8 fruits for your health.

As we opened up with Apricot, the following recipes will guide you in making a super tasty home made Apricot Jam. Very easy to make! Let's get started!

Prep: 20min - CookingTime: 30/40min - Level: Easy


- 2kg Apricots Bio

- 700gr Sugar Cane

- 500gr Water

- 1 Lemon zest Bio

- Pinch of Salt

- 1 Vanilla seeds


Start off washing the apricots, eliminate the kernel and cut them in four parts.

Combine water and sugar into a large saucepan and bring slowly to the boil, cook it for 5min (this will give you the syrup).

When the syrup is ready, put the apricots into the saucepan and stir together. Add lemon zest, salt and vanilla seeds.

Reduce the heat and simmer for 30/40min until the fruit is soft.

When it's ready pour into a sterilised jars immediately.

Close tight and let them cooling down up side down.

Now you can store it in your pantry!


- Once you open a jar, store it into the fridge to avoid mould.

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