Now a days Besciamella sauce seems to have become something cool and fancy, while previously it was our great-grandmothers who used this sauce in their home-made lasagnas and Canneloni, to add flavour, creaminess and texture.

Most of us confuse bechamel sauce with classic cream, and it's commonly thought that Italians put cream or besciamella in all of their dishes (horror!!), from Pasta alla Carbonara to Pasta Amatriciana or even into the simple Pasta al Pomodoro.

Besciamella is one of the most basic sauces in the Italian cuisine and it's used only in some dishes to give structure and boost the taste in order to bring dishes to the next level.

Today we want to share with you a spin-off recipe from one of the fathers of the Italian cuisine, the real Italian master chef Gualtiero Marchesi!

Prep: 20min - Level: Easy - Serving: 1lt


- 600ml Fresh Milk

- 1 Onion (small)

- 4 Cloves

- 1 Bay leaf (small)

- 45gr Butter

- 45gr Flour

- Pinch of Salt, Pepper and Nutmeg


1. Into a pot, put together the milk, bay leaf, cloves, onion (peeled and cut in half), salt and pepper. Bring it to boil on medium/low heat. Let it simmers for 5 min.

2. In another pot, melt the butter then add in flour and stir together on low heat using a wood spoon for 20 sec.

3. Now filter the milk directly into the mix of butter and flour (which is called Roux) and cook it for about 10 min, on low heat. Add nutmeg. Stir it continuously until thick, smooth and creamy.

You can add Parmigiano cheese at the end to boost even more the flavour!

Remember...DO NOT OVER USE IT :-)

Buon Appetito!

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