This is that kind of recipes that you can find everywhere in Italy with hundreds of variations from family to family. You can make it light, heavy, thick or thin, either way the taste will be always the same: amazing! Good eaten cold, superb eaten right out of the pan! You can bring it with you for your lunch at work inside your panino...if you can leave some for the next day.

Here our version, straight out from my mom's recipe book

Prep: 45min - Level: Easy - Serving: 6/8


- 1kg Potatoes

- 5 Eggs

- Salt and Pepper

- 30gr Parmesan Cheese

- Parsley

- Olive oil


1. Start off by pealing the potatoes, then rinse them under the tap.

Dry them with a kitchen towel.

2. Chop the potatoes into small pieces (dice shape) so they cook evenly.

3. Pre-heat a non-stick frying pan(large for thin frittata or medium for thick frittata) and, when its hot, pour in the olive oil, just enough to cover the pan's surface.

4. Carefully toss in your diced potatoes, put the lid on and let them cook on a medium heat until crispy brown. Stir often.

5. In a bowl, beat the eggs with salt and pepper then add hand-chopped parsley and the parmesan. Mix again.

6. When the potatoes are golden and crispy, evenly spread them in the pan by using a fork (do not smash them). Pour in the egg mixture, making sure to cover all the potatoes. Move the pan to distribute the eggs and fill the holes in your frittata. Put the lid on and let cook for 15min or until the frittata holds together when you move the pan.

7. When frittata is free to move in the pan, flip it by using a plate:

- place a plate ,facing down, over the frittata

- Hold and push the plate while turning the pan upside down (there is no oil no worries)

- Put the pan back on the heat and let the frittata slide into the pan again and cook it for 5/10min

Serve it right out from the pan, sliced.

For Extra pleasure: Add sliced cheese on top and let it melt!!

Buon Appetito!

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