Dark Chocolate Cake

Summer is gone and the days are getting colder and darker!! But this weather also brings a lot of recipes to warm up the dark days, like this simple recipe, check it out!

Prep: 40min - Level: Medium - Serving: 6


- 150gr Dark Chocolate

- 200gr Butter

- 180gr Sugar

- 180gr Flour

- 8gr Yeast

- 6 egg

- Pinch of salt

- Sugar powder


Start off roughly chopping the chocolate and put it into a glass bowl. Melt the Chocolate using a microwave (max power , 40/50 sec. check every 20 secs, until it's melted). Put aside and stir it time to time to cool down.

Sift the flour and yeast together and put it aside.

Grease and flour a 24cm round baking pan

In a big bowl, add the diced butter and the sugar. Mix it with an electric whisk until smooth, then add the eggs one at the time (let the mixture absorb the egg one by one). You will get a soft cream. Add the melted chocolate and mix it evenly. Now you can add the flour and yeast.

Using a spatola pour the mix into the prepared pan

Bake for 40/45min or until the wooden tooth-pick inserted in center comes out clean (do not open the oven before 30min).

Cool for 10 min and dust with powdered sugar.

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