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As a promoter of healthy food we really want to focus on this topic today. Very often we see people just grabbing boxes of eggs in the supermarket, without checking whether the eggs are organic, free range or just cage livestock.

It's very important (for both the animals and our own health) to understand what is good and what to avoid when buying eggs.

To increase the production of eggs, chickens are often kept in small cages, with 24/24 artificial light and fed all the time. Stressed and exhausted they are pumped up with antibiotics in order to keep the production up to demand level.

Don't forget- You Are What You Eat!

The Breeding Model step by step:

0: Organic - Surely this is the only kind of egg that you should buy and eat. It must be produced following all the European rules which guarantee freedom for the animals and organic feed (fresh water, corns and grains).

1: free Range - Chickens are free to run and eat freely within a fence. Every chicken must have 4 squared meters of space. Not the best way to produce healthy eggs.

2: Barn - This is a tricky doesn't mean that the chicken is free to run and eat around the barn. It could be that they are kept in a bigger cage on the ground. The floor is made of topsoil and water is poured into common tank. We suggest avoiding this type of eggs.

3: Cage - These are the worst type of eggs. Chickens are kept in small cages (40cm in height), with artificial lights almost always on! They live under stress and are (force) fed with non-organic food till the chicken is ready for the slaughterhouse.

Grade step by step:

A: Eggs have a clean and uncracked shell, a round and centered yolk, a firm white, and a small air cell.

B: Eggs have an uncracked shell that might have a rough texture, or a slightly flattened yolk, or a thinner white. These eggs are sold for commercial baking, or for future processing.

C: Eggs have a cracked and/or stained shell, or a flattened yolk, or a watery white. These eggs are only used in the production of processed egg products.

Join us in using only the best quality products for you and your family. Use Organic - Grade A eggs whether you are making a cake, biscuits or an omelette for dinner tonight!

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